Thursday, November 11, 2010

Orly Nail Repair

My thumb nails tend to split on the sides so I wanted to try a new at home remedy. I had been using some left over silk wrap and glue but I think there was a spray activator/hardener that I misplaced. So I wanted to try something new. Price tag $6.99. Not bad. And it's clearly enough powder for several uses. If the glue dries out sooner than expected a new bottle by any brand is usually no more tahn $3, so I consider this a good buy.

I am really happy with the results. The process was quick and easy with very minimal cleanup. The only downside to the kit was the corny buffing square. I was not getting any results with that little buffer so I had to use my own buffing block to smooth the nail out after application. The kit comes with:

1- Brush on glue

2- Nail powder

3- Nail buffing square

The directions are to brush the glue over the entire nail and quickly dip the nail into the powder, covering the entire surface, and repeat if necessary. Now the first time I did this after a week my nail began to split. So I'm think boooo this doesn't work. Well I went back removed with acetone and this time I applied glue between the split and let that set and then applied glue to the entire nail and dipped with the powder. It's been almost over a week now and the set is so much better. What an improvement. Now given the location and length of my split nail I think it was best that I did what I did. So there you have it.

I give Orly's Nail Repair 4 manicured fingers out of 5. (-1 finger for that buffing square).

This angle was not all that great but my wooden stick is lifting the nail up!
 After glue over the nail I dip into powder
 After buffing there is my nail

After polish. Now there is some slight application visibilty under the clear polish but the nail is smooth.

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