Monday, June 25, 2012

Nail Appliques by Mystique

Nail appliques are a great alternative to nail lacquer. Recently I had nail appliques by Mystique sent to me to try out. Much like other nail decals, the application was quite similar. Clean nails, place applique as close to cuticle as possible and smooth from side to side.

The pattern that was sent to me was Linked Purple. The notes mention that a gel topcoat can be used if desired and to prepare the applique by gently buffing. Well I don't have any "gel" topcoats but a regular clear topcoat may have sufficed and perhaps prolonged the life of this mani. I'm skeptical about any buffing though. These appliques only lasted me a day. My usual hand routines included washing my hands, showering, lotioning and typing; the norm. Too bad on day two I had to remove them. They also don't remove easily with non-acetone remover. Non-acetone removed the design only so I had to resort to my 100% acetone remover. I would try again with a topcoat with what i have left before purchasing. They have really nice designs though so check them out and see what kind of results you get. Check them out at

Linked Purple

Day 1

Appliques are on a clear sheet which makes sizing up to your nail easy.

Day 2

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here with Design

So here is a simple design jazzing up my Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here. To create this I used reinforcements cut in half to get the arch and some nail art polishes with thinner brushes to make some lines and dots. To keep things fun I'm going to name my polish posts. I call this one Gray Skies.

Gray Skies

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cos Bar at Target Nail Polish

Target Cos Bar polish..Love it! Cos Bar is one of 4 specialty shops that make up Target's "The Shops at Target". The Shops are comprised of products from small businesses around the country and for a limited time we have the opportunity to sample these items. Cos Bar hails from Aspen, Colorado. The Cos Bar beauty items include nail polish, body scrubs, soaps and other beauty implements.

The polishes are $3 and wear well. I used Cos Bar's polish in lime green and left my polish on for a week and touched up on day 3 to keep nails looking fresh and experienced a minor chip on one nail on day 6. The brush is standard and works fine. I used about 3 coats to get the eye popping lime color to really stand out. The polish along my cuticles is Kleancolor in Firework.

What do you think?