Monday, November 8, 2010

New Beauty Supply Store

So there is this beauty supply store that opened up a few blocks from me. Of course I had to investigate, I mean the sign outside said we sell Konad for goodness sakes. Turns out it's like the Konad jackpot.

Well I bought a starter kit and you better believe I will be a Konading this weekend. I bought plate #57. I inquired about the Hello Kitty plate and was told it was not a US plate. I forget what country he said  (Japan??) but I'm sure I'll find it. We shall see..

Anyways the website is below. The owner was nice and very helpful too. You can order online or if you are in the Quenns/Nassau area of NY you can stop by.

Herbal Beauty Supply

*This review is based soley on my experience.

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