Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Avon Boots, OPI and More..

Brrrr, adjusting to the change in weather here in NY is no fun. Saturday it was 78 degrees, today it's 58! Well I guess I can use this as my opportunity to break out my new boots.

I bought these boots from Avon. Yes, Avon!

They are comfortable and stylish. They are made from man made material and have a stretch fabric in the back to accommodate various calf sizes. My calf is about 15 inches and they fit fine. Right now they are on sale for $44.99.

Ok on to polish talk. This is a swatch of Zoya in Richelle. It covers nicely and I used two coats. As with any polish (especially metallic shades) roll the bottle instead of shaking. This will eliminate bubbles. Metallic colored polishes seem to be more bubble prone for some reason.

Next up is a bright pink OPI polish that I got for free as a promotion when I renewed my People Style Watch magazine subscription. This shade is Love That Passion Pink. Kudos to the customer service team who sent me another bottle after my first was delivered crushed to smithereens.

And now on to my Ulta polish. This one is The Jungle Look with a sprinkle of my green glitter that I bought from Claires.

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