Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Kitty Nail Enamel in Blueberry

Who can resist Hello Kitty? I mean the bottle is cute, the color is a pretty playful blue. It purred for me to pick it up. Hello Kitty polishes are sold at Sephora stores and go for $10 a pop.

A bit pricey but as a nail polish enthusiast and informer I need to be up on things and at least get one. So I did, and I must say the color was an awesome shade of periwinkle. The consistency was smooth, the coverage was opaque, the brush was standard and provided a smooth application. The polish wore for the average 7 days with normal daily activity (typing, water immersion, exposing to hair prods..yada yada).

A winner in my book! They come in 12 shades total. Check them out at

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