Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goldie Polish Swatches

Hey do any of you remember Bath and Body works selling Goldie nail polishes? I do, and that was before I had taken polish as a hobby. I'm not sure why they stopped selling it but I found a set of 8 for about $8 at Marshall's. They polishes have no names on them but through a little research I was able to decipher which was which.

The box says they are vegan friendly and DBP free, toluene free and all that good stuff. They come in these cute floral topped caps and white ribbons around the bottle. They wear well; just as long as all my other polishes seen in my blog and although they state one coat application I recommend 2. I will swatch the others later. What do you think?

Glitter Brick Red

Deep Pink

Violet with American Apparel Gold Flakes


  1. I love how Glitter Brick Red looks on you! I've seen these polishes around but I've never really looked at them. I will for sure next time I see them though.

  2. Thanks Kas Goldie polishes are quite nice. Don't pass them up.