Monday, April 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen

Where do I begin???? I was kind of disappointed with this color pen. I used it for the first time and experienced the polish thickening up on me by my second nail! WTH! The application was streaky and I really didn't want to apply a second coat with it streaking messing up my already time consuming 1st coat. I bought about 5 of these pens when they were on sale at CVS for 75% off. Thank goodness because I really would have been upset. These pens go for $6-$7.

When the mani was done I dipped it in a bit of thinner before recapping. It seemed to do some good, however I don't know if I will encounter the same issue doing all my nails again. I HEART Sally Hansen products so I do hope that this doesn't happen again. For me using the pen takes some getting used to also. I feel like I have less control over the application and amount of polish I want to apply. Ehh *shrugs shoulders* practice makes perfect.

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Pens? This color is Pink Chrome.

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